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LG Electronics the hub of creative innovations

LG Electronics a leader in the electronic market is creatively bringing home the future to demonstrate the life changing potential that technology has to offer. Smart technological connected products offer opportunities for new functionality with greater reliability, higher utilization and capabilities that go beyond established product limitation.

LG smart technologies are carefully crafted to help consumers experience how technology in the 21st century will make life safer, healthier and more efficient than ever before. Advanced user-friendly appliances and new smart technologies would make it easier for consumers to meet their individual desires for a more private space to reflect their personalities.

Creativity has always been at the heart of most business across the world. Creativity entails the ability to create something innovative and appropriate; it is an essential component to get new business started and to sustain the achievement of the biggest companies. Technology no doubt, enhances creativity in the process of production and evidence has shown this clearly. The truth is that by expanding possibilities and automating part of the creative process it would bring about more innovations.

Every creative act starts with a purpose towards achieving a particular business objective. It is through forming of intent that we establish the constraint under which creativity thrives, the process of forming intent is inherent in human, and it is out of human experience that our wants and desires arise.

LG Electronics prioritizes the aesthetic pleasing designs of its products to showcase the creative streak of each user no matter their passion. In fact, it has been established that there is a thin line between innovation and creativity which is why unleashing great potentials are first conceived in the mind before it is translated into something more tangible. The new introduced NeoChef microwave which has become talk of the town, not forgetting the InstaView refrigerator as well as W7 OLED TV are classical examples of creative innovation in technological advancement. The W7 OLED is remarkable for its ability to reproduce lifelike images of any kind with a perfect black, infinite contrast and an active HDR featuring Dolby vision. It is an epitome of creative innovative work of art with its sleek razor-thin screen which allows audience to have a real life-like experience while viewing it. The LG’s premier 2017 OLED TV is important to note was the first to deliver Dolby Atmos that provides viewers with a comprehensive audio and visual experience while enhancing user-convenience with the WebOS3.5 smart operating system.

Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Rajesh Agnihotri said: “the world we live in today is totally driven by creative technological advancement and LG being a leading brand in terms of innovative products is not resting on its oars to see that consumers have arrays of products that would help them fulfill their dreams by creating stronger connection between them and their loved ones. This is what I call creativity in action.” He stated further: we are poised to encourage sharing culture with richer users experience among consumers in a more creative way with greater imagination.”

Imagine your music flowing everywhere across your home seamlessly from the palm of your hand that is exactly what LG Music Flow sound system can do for you. It is a way the company intends to keep its consumers’ happy with greater connectivity through its forward-thinking products. This is a new way of listening to music that would simply turn imagination into reality.

In designing its line of products LG has mastered the art of fussing creativity and innovation to the admiration of lovers of quality products. The truth of the matter is that most creative acts are failures, which is why Robert Weisberg points out in his book Creativity, “outstanding creative work is tightly linked to prolific output. Interestingly, the more work we produce, the more great work we produce. The problem is that it is often hard to separate the good from the bad.”

However, it is interesting to note that LG’s home appliances stand out in the eyes of artists and consumers in all ramifications for both their aesthetics and usability, no wonder its product such as CordZero; InstaView Refrigerator have both been bestowed with various prestigious design award for their ingenuity and creativity which is indeed mind blowing.

The company’s creative prowess in the production of smart homes devices and technology is clearly ushering humanity into a brighter future with hopes of greater things to come. Interestingly, LG Electronics has introduced life changing, highly creative and innovative products to bring about smart connected and safe world. The future promises some of the most cutting-edge technology ever to be experienced by mankind. The individuality of these products would give a creative expression to consumers’ experience.

LG Electronics in its quest to satisfy the yearnings and aspiration of consumers, has embraced creative designs as a way to differentiate it ergonomic products from competing brands, as well as provide concrete user benefits to consumers. That is why life is always good and better with LG.

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